What is Demos Log?

The word Demos originated in ancient Greek, it means "the people" of democracy.

Demos Log is a location oriented review community with focus on author credibility. A review is only as valuable as the authenticity of the author, so our first and foremost priority is to build a credible community while maintaining high level of privacy.

In DL, you write reviews for yourself, and each DL member can read all reviews anonymously.

write reviews for yourself
What should I review?

Anything that is useful to record for yourself. An object, a product, a service, even abstract things, any experience worth taking notes of. Because you would, or would never like to experience it again. Because you have an opinion, a useful comment or details that you would find useful later. You can also use DL as your own, personal anonymous journal.

Just to give you some ideas you could write about:

  • favorite wood fired Pizza joint
  • an affordable gym
  • your opinion about the election debate
  • a movie you just saw
  • a signature family recipe
  • an awesome yoga teacher in your area
  • your own personal journal, what happened to you today, how you feel, what you have in mind
  • your favorite topic, board games, dogs, flowers, diving, J-pop, fashion, food, anything what makes you tick
what makes you tick

Reviews are powerful drivers of consumer decisions hence there is a direct financial interest to manipulate them.

Our mission is to ensure that all our members are real people, and their reviews are not systematically biased to convey a specific marketing message. We reserve the right to punish, or even expel any member who's trying to take advantage of our community. It's important to note that we believe in freedom of speech and we never take action against any opinion, unless it's proven to be part of a systematic manipulation effort.

What credible means?
real people
What is our review policy?

The end result of our credibility algorithms is the credibility score which is continuously reflects a member's use pattern. If the use pattern is normal, the score increases, if the use pattern indicates a behavior conflicting with our policies the score decrease.

What behaviour we welcome and encourage?

  • write for yourself, use your inner voice
  • use your own native language
  • if available, add location information to the review
  • try to use correct grammar as much as possible
  • be personal, be specific, be detailed, be opinionated
  • reason your rating, 'why' is far more important than the rating itself
  • feel free to criticize, when you do please be constructive
  • maintain your reviews, update or delete if something becomes obsolete

What behaviour we discourage?

  • systematically convey messages for manipulation and promotion of any product or company
Ready to try?